Industrial Energy

The FFS Industrial Energy Division offers fit-for-purpose energy solutions to industries in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Our wide range of competitively priced Fuel Oils allow customers to select the optimal energy solution for their needs. 

FFS fuel oils are used for brick-making, power generation, steam raising, baking, smelting, sintering, sand drying, road making and many other industrial applications.

The FFS product range includes:

  • Heavy Fuels Oils: Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO/FO150) and Low Sulfur Fuel Oils (LSO)
  • Light Fuel Oils: Distillate fuels such as Light Oil 10 (LO10) that do not require pre-heating.
  • Coal Tar Fuels: High radiance coal tar derived fuel oil
  • Speciality Fuels Oils: FFS produce various fit-for purpose fuel oils that are blended to meet customers specific needs

The supply of energy solutions is FFS Refiners’ core business and it is in our best interest to ensure that our customers run effectively and efficiently and with minimal disruption. Our product and service offerings therefore extend beyond mere product supply and include:

Secure and Reliable Supply

Our diverse supply lines coupled with large storage, refining and processing capacity, and multiple supply points ensure that we are always best placed to maintain supply to customers regardless of supply disruptions such as refinery outages and transport strikes.


Ongoing investment into our processes and quality control systems ensure that our products meet and exceed specifications and industry standards. Our facilities have fully equipped ISO9001 accredited laboratories to monitor and control our quality.

Engineering and Technical Support

FFS’ team of engineers and technicians have vast experience and knowledge of fuel reticulation and combustion systems. This enables us to best assist our customers with the optimisation of combustion systems and to quickly identify and solve combustion problems. We have our own technicians and workshops to ensure rapid and decisive response in emergency situations. FFS manufactures and installs state-of-the-art fuel oil storage and reticulation systems at our customers to ensure low hassle operations and minimum downtime.


Contracted transport resources ensures that product reaches our customer safely, reliably, efficiently and on time.

Environmental Compliance

FFS’ ISO14001 accredited facilities ensure we operate in an environmentally compliant manner and that we continually improve our environmental performance.

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