Welcome to FFS Marine:

At FFS Marine, we don’t just fuel ships; we power journeys, commerce, and the maritime industry itself. As a division of FFS Refiners, we bring decades of expertise to the forefront, serving as the lifeblood of vessels sailing our shores.

About Us

At the heart of FFS Marine beats the unwavering commitment to ensuring a secure supply of maritime fuels to both local and international fleets. With a presence in seven South African ports and harbours along the Western and Eastern Cape, we’ve anchored ourselves as a trusted partner in the maritime industry.

Setting the Standard

Our journey is guided by the highest standards of quality, reliability, and innovation. We understand the unique demands of the local and global marine markets, and we’re constantly raising the bar to meet those needs.



Environmental Responsibility

Our Dedicated Marine Team

At FFS Marine, we know that excellence starts with people. Our dedicated Marine Team is your dependable partner, available around the clock. We’re flexible enough to adapt to any customer requirements. Whether it’s the Client Interface, Bunker Operations, Transport, or Transport logistics, we’re here to serve you seamlessly.

World-Class Delivery.

We pride ourselves on delivering maritime fuels efficiently and effectively. With the capability to bunker large volumes swiftly, including continuous operations for massive stems like 3,400 m3 of Marine GasOil, we cater to all vessel requirements. Our mission is clear: we provide world-class delivery channels to customers in Southern Africa, setting new standards in the local market.

Valuing Client Relationships

At FFS Marine, we don’t just deliver fuel; we build lasting relationships with our clients. We continuously adapt to international bunker fuel requirements, ensuring that our clients receive the best in quality and service.

“FFS service is like a Formula 1 Pit-Stop, extremely efficient with excellent service.”

Megan Gobey


Supporting National Development

We’re more than just a fuel supplier; we’re part of South Africa’s national economic development. By investing in port infrastructure across the country, we contribute to growth and progress.

Contact Us

For all your maritime fuel needs, reach out to our dedicated team members:

Mark Wild

International Sales:

083 625 0010

Faizlin Jacobs

Local Sales Western Cape and Eastern Cape:

083 555 3074

Mike Clarke

The Elbow Quay, V&A:

082 773 8203

Join us

on this voyage as we redefine maritime fuel solutions. At FFS Marine, we power the future of the maritime industry.