Fuel Oil Reticulation Installations

The vast majority of operational problems experienced when using combustion systems are not as a result of poor fuel quality but rather badly engineered and operated reticulation systems. FFS are the leaders in the design and fabrication of state-of-the-art fuel oil storage and reticulation systems. Installations are expertly designed to SANS 10131, which is the code of practice for the design of large customer fuel oil installations.

With our extensive knowledge and experience we are able to design and build fuel oil reticulation systems that consistently provide fuel to combustion appliances at the right temperature and pressure. Tanks, pumps, piping, heaters, filters and valves are selected to ensure optimal performance with the lowest maintenance costs. Fuel Oil Reticulation InstallationsFFS have developed an extensive range of low watt density electric line and outflow heaters (pictured right) that, together with a correctly sized pumping system, reduce the incidence of coking, a common cause of system failure.

The inclusion of non-clogging wedge-wire automated self-cleaning in-line filters greatly reduces the operational maintenance time and potential for system failure. Valves used are Petroleum Industry standard fire safe ball valves.

Tanks are sized to ensure that customers are able to receive full road tanker loads to optimise transport costs and to ensure a reasonable stock holding to match their consumption. A robust instrument control system is incorporated to effect accurate temperature control to ensure that the fuel reaches the burner at the optimal viscosity.

FFS are able to provide our customers with fit-for-purpose fuel storage and reticulation equipment that is specifically designed for their fuel and combustion application.

United Kingdom and Australian Plants Designed and built by FFS Refiners

In 2010, FFS Refiners designed and built a De-Ashed Lubrication plant (DAL) for UK company RE:Group, who are in the same business as FFS Refiners in South Africa – processing and selling industrial heating fuels.

With the introduction of FFS Refiners’ proprietary De-Ashed Lubrication technology, RE:Group was able to meet the new legal requirements on used lube oil in terms of the EU directive on waste and the Quality Protocol for end-of-waste.

Heat ExchangersRE:Group are now able to produce up to 36 000 tonnes per year of a quality Processed Fuel Oil (PFO). The advantage of the FFS process is the 96% recovery of oil and the less than 1% by volume of solid waste produced. The average ash content of the final product produced by the DAL process is <0,1% by mass, making the product suitable for boiler fuel applications.



FFS Refiners supplied the hydrogenation technology, designed and built this lube oil recycling plant for Transpacific Refiners in Australia.

The equipment, vessels and piping were fabricated in FFS’ Durban workshops and then shipped to Australia for assembly on site by FFS’ engineers.

Commissioned in August 2007 this R160m plant was designed to produce 36 million litres a year of recycled base oil. The product produced is a quality Group 1 SN150 base oil of good colour, suitable for re-use in lubricating oils.