Technical Articles

Burner Set-up
Carl Frankenfeld – June 2002. This article describes how to set up your burner using a combustion analyser.

Case Study of Combustion Tube Failure
An interesting case study of combustion tube failure.

Combustion Efficiency
The effect of combustion on the efficiency of the heating appliance.

Combustion Efficiency Paper
A PowerPoint overview of the combustion process.Don Hunter Pr.Eng. MSc(struct)MSAICE.

Combustion Handbook
This FFS fuels handbook gives explanations and helpful tips in getting the best out your combustion appliance.

Fuel Oil Burners
Mark Butterfield – FFS. A paper presented at FFS Refiners’ technical workshop held in Cape Town, March 2009.

Fuel Quality & Optimum Fuel Selection
Fuel Quality & Optimum Fuel Selection by Petrus Scholtz

Fuel Selection
Don Hunter Pr Eng. A detailed discussion on the factors influencing fuel selection, including fuel qualities and characteristics.

Fuel Systems
Carl Frankenfeld – FFS.

Principles of Combustion
Carl Frankenfeld – FFS.

Waste Recycling Crude
Waste Recycling of Crude Tank Bottoms.

Wood Preserve Paper
Motivation for the introduction of a new creosote wood preserve code into the South African market.

Technical Tools

Conversion Calculator
An invaluable Freeware unit conversion program.

Energy Cost Evaluation
This PowerPoint presentation provides a detailed analysis of the factors influencing your choice of furnace fuel.


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