About Us


FFS owns and operates its’ own fleet of over 50 trucks which collect and deliver around 500 000 tons of fuel annually.

FFS Refiners (Pty) Ltd is a leading supplier of industrial heating fuels in South Africa. The Company markets products for a wide variety of uses, including glass making, brick making, steam raising in boilers, billet re-heating, baking, incineration, laundry, road-mix heating, lime kilns, sand and stone drying. FFS Refiners currently has over 250 customers who collectively consume more than 300 000 tons of fuel oil per year.

FFS is also the largest producer Wood Preservative Creosote in South Africa. Wood Preservative Creosote is manufactured at our Evander branch in accordance with SANS 616.

Our Pietermaritzburg branch produces a very high quality Group 1 SN 150 Base Oil that meets and exceeds international standards for this type of product.

FFS’ head office is situated in Durban. There are six process plants and seven storage depots situated throughout South Africa. The processing facilities utilise a full range of technologies from thermal evaporation, static separation, low and high-speed centrifugation, filtration, blending, distillation, hydrogenation and cracking in order to achieve a wide range of products to exacting specifications.

In addition, there are facilities for processing oily effluent water. Each process operation or branch has a fully equipped laboratory where analysis is carried out on each and every batch of fuel that leaves the plant.

All branches operate under stringent environmental management systems and are ISO 14001 accredited.

Internal quality management systems are also in operation to ensure that all products consistently comply with the laid down specifications.

The Company owns and operates a fleet of over 60 trucks which collect and deliver around 500 000 tons of fuel annually. All road tankers are operated by Hazchem-trained drivers and carry the necessary documentation for the transportation of hazardous flammable liquids. Our Cape Town and Durban fleets operate under an accredited RTMS.

The highly skilled and competent engineering design department carries out research and development, as well as new plant and equipment design and construction. Much of the refining technology used by the company for solid:liquid and liquid:liquid separation has been developed by in-house. All branches operate under stringent environmental management systems and are ISO 14001 accredited.

The company also has a fabrication workshop where a wide range of plant and equipment is manufactured. This ranges from specialised road tankers, which are built to SANS 1518, to pressure vessels and heat exchangers, made to ASME VIII, as well as filters, reactors, fractionation columns, stills and centrifuges.

Our Vision




  • To have a passion for our business based on Energy, Reputation, Optimism, Enthusiasm and Joy
  • To be a company where Customer Service and Support is integral to all that we do and where we are all committed to becoming Exceptional
  • To grow and protect our brand by being Trustworthy and Reliable, externally (to our customers, suppliers and government) as well as internally (to our employees)
  • To be a business based on personal and business Integrity, Honesty and Truthfulness.
  • To work as a Team with people who constantly strives to develop their business and technical skills to ensure Excellence in Execution
  • To ensure a high level of Work Ethic by bringing Effort, Application & Diligence that demonstrate our commitment to always doing any task to the best of our ability – Productive, Reliable & Supportive under pressure.


FFS is enormously proud of being a Level 2 BBBEE status with a 62.4% black ownership and 42.5% black women ownership. The timeline below provides an overview of our consistent drive to transform our company into a truly inclusive organisation and to ensure the long term sustainability of these initiatives.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

FFS are actively involved in several projects and initiatives that are focused on improving the well-being of the less fortunate members of our society, particularly in areas where the company operates. These initiatives include:

Expo for Young Scientists
FFS sponsored the KwaZulu Natal based FFS Expo for Young Scientists from 1991 to 2015. In 2016 the FFS Expo was merged with the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists which has a national footprint.

Together with Eskom, FFS continues to be a major sponsor of this worthy endeavour. The Expo encourages learners at school level to develop an interest in mathematics, science and technology.

FFS contributes significantly to READ, an organisation that facilitates the training of primary school educators and provides learning materials to disadvantaged rural schools.

Protec is a non-profit organisation that provides extra mathematics and science tuition as well as life skills development to learners who excel from previously disadvantaged communities.

FFS has sponsored the Inanda and Tongaat branches of Protec for many years and has recently expanded its support to include the Umlazi and Kathlehong branches.

Our support goes beyond the financial; we also host the PROTEC learners for career day workshops.

Skills Development and Training
FFS provides skills and development training to our employees to enhance their career development within industry. Various skills training programmes including artisan initiative training, learner-ships and experiential training programmes are offered.

The Company also sponsors many students, including physically disabled learners through the Vhukoni Incentive Programme. This programme provides learners from previously disadvantaged communities with access to tertiary education to study towards a career in the petroleum and allied sciences industry.

FFS also provides opportunities for young engineers (Engineers in Training) to obtain the relevant knowledge, skills and practical application to allow them to become registered engineers. This programme runs over 3 years.

Supplier Development Initiative
FFS is involved in several Supplier Development initiatives with 100% Black-owned Qualifying Small Enterprises. The aim is assist these businesses in accelerating their development, sustainability and ultimate financial and operational independence in the petroleum industry.

Corporate Information

FFS is a private equity company, the major shareholders are Calulo Investments and Investec Equity Partners.

Board of Directors
The FFS board of directors comprises shareholder and management representatives. The board is responsible for setting the strategic direction of FFS and to ensure the company complies with the highest levels of corporate governance.